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Bridges To Life

P.O. Box 570895
Houston, TX 77257-0895 

Will Perry

Born and raised in Houston, Will Perry joined the Bridges to Life Board of Directors in 2019. He is Founder & CEO of Worldwide Power Products, a Houston-based company that provides power generation equipment and services.

Like many of BTL’s board, staff, and volunteers, Will has a family member who was a victim of crime: his aunt Marilyn Sage Meagher was senselessly murdered for her car by two 18-year-olds in 1993. It was in the wake of this tragedy that Bridges To Life was created by his uncle, Founder and CEO John Sage. Will has seen the miracles that BTL has performed and has been an avid supporter and donor since the organization's earliest years.

Will and wife Emily reside in Houston and have three children.

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