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Program Impact 

Bridges To Life changes lives. Recidivism studies reveal that 86% of BTL graduates do not return to prison within 3 years after release! When offenders experience empathy for crime victims through our program, they develop compassion and take responsibility for their own criminal actions. Fewer return to lives of crime after leaving prison, crime rates decrease, and communities are made safer. BTL volunteers report higher levels of fulfillment, forgiveness, and hope in their own lives after participating in the program.

The following comments are from evaluations completed by BTL graduates at the Hutchins Unit in Dallas, when asked: What did you receive from the BTL program?

"I learned to accept my past, learn from my mistakes, and realize there is hope for a change."

"I was forced to be honest with myself and take accountability for my actions."

"A reflection on self, revealing what I must do to stay free, and peace of mind."

"It will help me stay home with my family and do the right thing when I am released."

"It showed me my mistakes are in the past to learn from, but the future can still be great."

"I learned to think of others and to listen before I react to situations."

"I turned from anger to patience and self-control."

"I developed empathy and now can feel the pain of the victims of my crimes."

"If God can turn me around, He can turn anyone around."

"I changed my thinking…that I never realized I needed to change!"

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