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Program Impact 

Bridges To Life changes lives. Recidivism studies reveal that over 86% of BTL graduates do not return to prison within 3 years after release! When offenders experience empathy for crime victims through our program, they develop compassion and take responsibility for their own criminal actions. Fewer return to lives of crime after leaving prison, crime rates decrease, and communities are made safer. BTL volunteers report higher levels of fulfillment, forgiveness, and hope in their own lives after participating in the program.

The following comments are from evaluations completed by BTL graduates in answer to the question: What did you receive most from the BTL program?

“I finally understand. I had so much frustration and pain in my life, but now I understand that

       my decisions are the source."

“The volunteers gave from their hearts and it encouraged me to open up and speak the truth. 

       They have helped me become a better man."

“This class helped me realize the pain I have caused. I cannot go back to that life again."

“I needed this healing. This program helped us men in white step out and step up. We are better

       human beings."

"The small group discussions impacted me in ways I could never have imagined."

"Bridges gave me perspective. It taught me the power of thinking things through and not making

       impulsive decisions."

"The facilitators helped me dig deeper to emphasize the magnitude of my actions and to have

       empathy in regards to my victims."

"I received new insight into reconciliation, accountability, and repentance." 

"I believe that God had a message for me through the victim stories. Now I can look at other

       humans with His perspective."

"BTL provided everyday life principles that I will need to stay out of prison and survive in


"I didn't just build bridges during this process. I learned how to maintain them and continue to

       connect them."

"I restored my own peace, but I kinda feel like I also might have helped a few other people too." 

"This class made me feel accepted and gave me self-worth."

"Thank you for providing a safe environment for us to face some painful things in our past."

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