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BTL Volunteer Resources

To maintain the quality of the Bridges To Life program, currently active BTL volunteers are required to:

  • In Texas, volunteers must re-train with Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) every 2 years. You may alternate retraining between online and in-person formats each time you re-train. See the current TDCJ in-person training schedule or sign up for online training[Outside of Texas, consult your state's Dept. of Corrections for their training requirements.]

  • Know and adhere to TDCJ (or your state's prison system) Rules & Policies.

  • Know and adhere to Bridges To Life policies, as stated in your Facilitator Manual.

  • Watch the BTL Facilitator training video as part of your initial BTL training, and as a refresher every 2 years.


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