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P.O. 570895
Houston, TX 77257


Juliette Shepherd

Units:  Ellis, Estelle, FergusonGoreePolunskyWainwright

Juliette Shepherd has joined BTL as Regional Coordinator for Huntsville/East Texas. Born in Bay City, Texas, and raised in Southeast Houston, Juliette retired from the U.S. Postal Service in 2013. Having always been an advocate for healing and transformation, and wanting to make a positive impact in the lives of others, Juliette began her educational journey in 2017. She earned a Master's in Theology and an Associate's in Human Service, Substance Abuse Counseling, and is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor-Intern currently working on her Doctorate. 

Juliette also began volunteering for BTL in 2017 and found the transformative

impact of the program fueled her commitment to serving and empowering others. Husband Herman is a BTL volunteer as well, and together they have five daughters, nine  grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.


Juliette feels very blessed in her life and believes in the strength of unity and the power of love to overcome any challenge. Juliette and her family reside in Humble.

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