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P.O. Box 760781

San Antonio, TX 7824

Lita Lopez

Units:  Briscoe, Connally, CotullaDominguez, Garza West, McConnell, NeyTorres,

Salvation Army ARC-San Antonio


A BTL volunteer since 2017, Lita became San Antonio Regional Coordinator for Bridges To Life in 2023. She is also a Certified Volunteer Chaplain's Assistant (CVCA) for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ), and a United States Marine military veteran.

Born and raised in Oakland California, Manuelita “Lita” Lopez describes herself as "running with gangs and a hustler" in her earlier life, but that she ultimately received the Lord’s salvation in 2000.


Lita and her husband, Alfonso, are Co-Pastors of ShepherdsOwn Ministry, founded in 2018. Their weekend prison ministry has almost 200 TDCJ volunteers across the state who participate in revivals in Texas prisons. Lita feels blessed to be a part of the BTL family and to witness Gods transformative power in His children.  


Lita and her husband reside in San Antonio.

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