Participant Comments

At the start of the program I was unaware of why I had committed this horrible act. I thought I knew the reasons. I learned that the root of my true motivations lay far beneath the level of understanding I had observed before. I soon learned that the reasons I hurt the two women I loved above all others, was due to distant issues of my youth that were never addressed - only suppressed beneath layers and layers of pain in which I spent years running from. Through your program, all of this was revealed to me. Without your program, I believe that I may have been able to treat the symptoms of my anger, but never would I have been able to treat the cause. Thank you.


-Herbert N., 2015 BTL Graduate

Dear BTL: This is an honor to let you all know that I’m doing fine. God has truly taken the wheel in my life and I know that everyone with BTL has taken a very important role in my life. Thank you all again for all your help and encouragement. Eddie, a BTL Graduate

 Dear BTL: Please share this with everyone in the program. BTL is the ONE program that truly gives truth to the statement “you get more than what you give.” Yes, it is difficult to open up. However, once you finally let down that wall—the one that can’t protect you from your bad decisions—you get the strength and the faith to prove to yourself that you are worthy and capable of doing good. Words will never be enough, but thank you all. Richard, a BTL Graduate

 Bridges To Life helped me more on my journey to forgiveness and acceptance than anything I did or tried to do after my husband’s murder. a BTL Victim Volunteer

 I have indeed become a better man for having known the gentlemen in my group. Before getting into prison ministry, people tried to discourage me from getting involved, saying they weren’t “worth it.” If only they would attend a graduation and witness the true changes that occur. John, what a great thing BTL is. Your sister lives on. Rose, a BTL Volunteer

 Allowing us to tell our story gives us the opportunity to verbalize for others and ourselves the pain we have endured which is important in the long journey of healing and wholeness in life.  a BTL Victim Volunteer

Thank you and all the volunteers for your wonderful life changing program here at the Eastham Unit. Untold lives, both here and in the free world, have been impacted in a most positive way as a result of what the men who participated in the program have learned. Bridges To Life has been the talk of the Eastham Unit as the men shared the impact that was made on them. a TDCJ Chaplain

I am the daughter of an inmate from the Hughes Unit that just completed your program. It caused him to recount events that were very difficult for him to look at closely after all these years even though I know he thinks about their effects daily. I want to first thank your program and the volunteers for being a part of this life changing event for him.  Thank you again for your partnership with inmates and their victims. a Family Member

Youth Participant Comments:

I received a better understanding of myself.  It helped me choose the right choices in life.

This program will help me stay out of trouble because it made me realize that I need to be with my family and be someone in life.

I received forgiveness.  Thank you Bridges To Life.

I learned things that I need to help me change my life.

I’m a smarter person and I will make better choices in my life.

I received guidance to the right path and motivation to do something with my life.