Volunteer Application

We need the help of more volunteers to give of themselves for a couple of hours a week to continue to grow and fulfill our mission. To become a volunteer for Bridges To Life, you must first become an approved volunteer with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ). There are 2 steps in that process:

          1. Complete a TDCJ Volunteer application form

          2. Attend a TDCJ Volunteer Training

TDCJ Volunteer Trainings are scheduled on Saturdays at various sites throughout the year (see current schedule here). You will bring your completed Volunteer application form with you to the training and submit it there (see complete instructions in the red box below). In addition to becoming an approved TDCJ volunteer, you will need to attend a Bridges To Life Volunteer Training. Contact the Regional Coordinator in your area for details.

          Houston/Richmond Region - Linda Windham 

          Northeast Texas Region - Connie Hilton

          Dallas/Ft. Worth Region – Charles Fisher, Joel Lightfoot

          Austin Region -  Deborah Hartman

          Bryan/College Station Region - Margie Blazier

          Huntsville Region - Richard Lopez

          Waco/Gatesville Region -  Lucy Segars or Belinda Hester

          Beaumont and the Southeast part of Houston Region - Dolores Stoughton

          Brazoria County Region - Dolores Stoughton

          San Antonio Region -  Larry James

          Amarillo and Texas Panhandle Region - Tac Buchanan

              In Indiana, contact Misty Wallace

              In Washington, contact Judy Dutcher


 Click on this link: Volunteer with the TDCJ

 Under Volunteer Opportunities, click on Volunteer Application and download the form.

 Fill out the form completely (it will not be accepted if anything is left blank). IN THE SECTION FOR PROGRAM OF INTEREST:

           - Check box for Chaplaincy and add your faith identification,
place of worship if applicable
          - Also at bottom right of this section, check box for OTHER and
Bridges To Life

Be sure to save the form after completing, then print it, and take with you to the TDCJ Volunteer Training. Be sure to notify your Regional Coordinator once you have attended the TDCJ training.

It will take several weeks for your volunteer application to be processed and a background check to be completed.

Once you attend the TDCJ Volunteer Security Training class and your background check has been cleared, you will be an approved volunteer for 2 years.

Do not mail or fax your volunteer application. You are required to submit an application when you attend the training.

Watch Bridges to Life in action in this 3.5 minute video.

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