Curriculum Information

The 14-week Bridges To Life program is based on a carefully constructed curriculum that has been written and revised over the last 20 years. The primary components of the curriculum are the Restoring Peace book, the Bridges To Life Study Guide, and the Bridges To Life Facilitator Manual. Each of the project’s 14 weeks is focused on a particular topic (see curriculum agenda here) including:

  • Understanding the effects of crime and the relationship between offenders and victims
  • Understanding the importance of faith and stories in the healing process
  • Understanding responsibility and accountability after an offense
  • Understanding the importance of confession, repentance and forgiveness after an offense
  • Understanding the importance of reconciliation and restitution after an offense and actually participating in symbolic restitution

Throughout the project, participants complete homework that includes reading from the Restoring Peace book, answering questions in the workbook, writing a journal, writing letters to family members and victims (which are not sent but are read aloud in small group), and telling their own life story, including full disclosure of their crime of record. In addition to the week’s material, there is consistency in format, including the following activities that occur on a weekly basis: the presentation of thought provoking questions; a word of the week and quote of the week; an opportunity for questions, comments and review; debriefing of volunteers and the opportunity to participate in opening and closing prayers. Four different times throughout the program, victims tell their stories and allow for questions and comments from offender participants.