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P.O. Box 20352
Waco, TX 76702-0352 

Belinda Honey

Units:  Boyd, Crain, Hilltop, Hughes, Limestone Co. Detention Ctr., O'DanielMurray, Woodman


Belinda is BTL's Waco Regional Coordinator. A victim of childhood traume and abuse, Belinda ran away from home as an adolescent and later experienced domestic violence as well. Belinda's pain led her down a road of destructive behavior that culminated in four prison sentences from ages 17 to 35. Her healing began during her incarceration when she surrendered her life to Christ.

In 2010, Belinda learned about Bridges To Life and volunteered for her first BTL project as a crime victim speaker. As she began sharing her story, she realized the hope that offenders gained from seeing the transformation of someone who had walked in their shoes. As a Regional Coordinator for BTL since 2015, Belinda continues to carry the healing and hope she has received to men and women in prison. 

Belinda has 3 children and 9 grandchildren. 

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