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P.O. Box 776
Chandler, TX 75758 


Connie Hilton

Units:  B. Moore, Beto, Bradshaw


As one of Bridges To Life's earliest staff members, Connie is both Senior Regional Coordinator, and one of our two Regional Coordinators for Northeast Texas. In 1990, Connie and her husband were the victims of a violent home invasion in which her husband was killed and Connie was beaten, raped and left for dead. Though devastated and traumatized, with time Connie found healing through God, family, and friends.


As part of her recovery, Connie and her sister founded Voices for Victims Justice, a platform for helping others like themselves cope with the pain and suffering of being a victim of crime. After meeting John Sage in 1999 and learning about Bridges To Life, Connie came aboard as both a volunteer and, ultimately, a staff member.

Connie lives in Tyler with her husband Barry.